About Us


Sumter Central High School is a place where all stakeholders, staff, students. and parents are committed to excellence through the development of academics, character, and service. Sumter Central High School will be a place where we can learn, grow, and dream together. We will strive for excellence everyday, to prepare students to be successful tomorrow.


Our vision at Sumter Central High School is to provide Relationships, Rigor and Relevance, and Results to the educational program while nurturing the intellectual, emotional and physical well being of each student.

 RELATIONSHIPS-Our focus is to build meaningful supportive relationships amongst our students, staff and community.

 RIGOR-Students will be prepared for further study beyond high school by exposing all students to challenging classwork and programs that will push them beyond their comfort zone. A rigorous curriculum will provide our students the opportunity for advanced high school study in a variety of disciplines.

 RELEVANCE-Students will learn the curriculum outlined by the Alabama State Standards and content will be made relevant to the experiences of our current society. Emphasis will be placed on critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, collaboration, and communication.

 RESULTS-Sumter Central High School, in striving for excellence, seeks to provide a comprehensive education that engages all students to their fullest potential. Our goal is to ensure students academic and social success.